COVID 19: These eight weeks in pictures

As the streets slowly emptied in March, Tribeca resident Albert C. Lee started taking photos on his commute home to share with friends. “That turned into this massive collection of a hollowed out city,” he said. A few from his collection are here, starting in Midtown and heading downtown as he did.

Lee is not a pro, but he’s caught some amazing shots on his iPhone 11 Pro Max. “Just a casual photographer – doing pretty much the exact opposite of my job as an executive for a global logistics company. With no crowds and no urgency, it was really seeing the city for the first time all over again, with all the time in the world to frame the perfect shot.”

Since he caught some interesting angles, I wondered if he was using a drone, but he said all locations are accessible by foot, with the higher ones from pedestrian bridges.




  1. Intersections and puddles? This is a pandemic, people! Can we get some nudes or semi-nudes? With proper filters of course.

  2. It is incredible to see so many familiar places so quiet. Thanks Albert

  3. I’d rather see an Albert Watson selfie than another puddle reflection. Sorry, Ripps.