New Mexican for the neighborhood! Serenata on Duane Park

So out of the ashes comes an actual new restaurant — let’s hope things keep moving forward for them and all of us. Serenata is now serving out of the former Max space on Duane Park, just next door to Tokyo Bay. When things open up, it will be a full service restaurant, and has taken over the lease from Galo Nero, which opened for a minute and a half last summer and then disappeared.

I am pretty sure they never applied for a liquor license, and the printed menu would reflect that (coke, grapefruit jarritos, tamarind jarritos). But there were margaritas, sangria and mojitos on the menu outside, along with tacos, quesadillas, burritos and enchiladas. That’s Miguel in the hat — say hi.

If it comes together once we are back eating inside, Serenata would make the sixth Mexican in the neighborhood, after Anejo, Los Tacos No. 1, Zona Tribeca, Mariachi’s, El Vez — what am I missing? (Rosa Mexicano closed in December.)



  1. Fresco Tortillas on Reade (cheap tasty black bean and cheese soft flour tortillas)

    Sophie’s on Chambers (technically Cuban but similar to Mexican)

    Westside Coffee Shop on Church between Canal and White (Mexican and Puerto Rican)

    Sophie’s and Mariachi’s have been closed for months and I fear the latter will be gone permanently because their number is disconnected. Why not a recorded message saying you’ll reopen or give your status?

  2. Glad to see entrepreneurship activity in the area. And Mexican is always welcome.

    But these prices are almost DOUBLE as other places. Even El Vez might be cheaper (and in a nicer environment).

    4 steak tacos for $24? Unproven guac for $15? Small quesadillas for $16?

    Miguel – your high rent shouldn’t mean you charge outrageous prices for typically inexpensive cuisine.

    • Have you seen Bubby’s menu, my dear?

    • $3 for a delicious empanada, $12 for guacamole and chips, Tacos $4. -so I do not agree with Martine’s assessment. Maybe it is higher priced for dinner. I loved that the woman who I guess owns it was serving and also painting flowers on the outdoor dining part..Sweet people

  3. That’s the same Serenata they closed in Chelsea.

  4. We really enjoyed the food we picked up. As of 05/25/20 it was cash only and limited menu. Miguel said full menu is coming soon.
    Again we really enjoyed the food.

  5. Interesting that they don’t have a liquor license cause there’s already chatty drinking gatherings happening on the sidewalk. No demand for eating as far as we can see.

    So sorry to hear that about Mariachi who has a long history in the neighborhood coming over from Kitchenette days but his margin must have been very low.

  6. Can we get some more interesting vegan options?

  7. Love how the Miguel says hello to patrons, greeting everyone passing by with, “Mexican Food?”

    Si, senior.