Max is back in action

Max has had a rough couple years. After the gas was shut off at the old Duane Street location in February of 2018, local residents and owners Lindita and Luigi Iasilli spent three months trying to recreate their menu using an electric convection stove — meaning no grilling and no frying. When the problem persisted, they moved to the current location on West Broadway last March. Fast forward to this March and here they are again, shut down due to the coronavirus.

They lost thousands in 2018, invested more in the move in 2019, and now, along with the rest of the city’s restaurants, are taking another hit. So I am just glad they had the fortitude to come back.

Takeout and delivery service started on Wednesday; hours are 5 to 9p. Call 212-966-5939 to order, or use GrubHub.



  1. Lemon Chicken is the best! So happy they are back!

  2. Welcome back. Have always loved Max. Would be great if you could shake up the menu a little bit. some new options would be great.

  3. welcome back! great food and lovely people!

  4. So great to hear! Max always brought great warmth to the neighborhood!

  5. Max is my favorite, I’m so happy they are back! The fettuccine is the best, had it this weekend!