In the News: Protests for George Floyd

Yesterday’s protest here against the killing of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minnesota started in Union Square and headed south to City Hall and then Zuccotti Park, going through Fidi and ending at about 9p at Chambers and West streets. There’s another protest planned for this afternoon at Foley Square at 4p, organized by faith leaders around the city.

The march resulted in 70 arrests. The top video below, by Scootercaster, shows protestors blocking traffic on the highway, police blocking off the memorial grounds, and cops making arrests on Chambers. (Scroll to about 3 minutes to start the downtown footage.)



  1. Please say the reason for the arrests.

  2. First off, the protestors were not engaging with the police violently – try vice versa – so get your facts straight.

    Second, people were arrested for what? Peaceably protesting?

    If MINNEAPOLIS could let the precinct the four cops who murdered George Floyd are from be burnt to the ground NYPD could let people who are burning nothing march through the streets, ok?

    De Blasio fancies himself as being better than his predecessors Giuliani and Bloomberg but he is not.

    BTW it is time for a non-white NYPD commissioner for a city which has had a non-white majority for literally decades. Time the top cop reflects the city they serve.

  3. The protesters were not violent.

  4. Revised Social Distancing Rules:

    DON’T: stand too close to someone at a grocery store, don’t go to your job, don’t go to the beach, don’t go to the gym, don’t attend religious services, don’t get your hair cut, don’t visit retail stores to shop and actually pay for your purchases.

    DO: gather in enormous crowds, loot and burn police cars.