Le District is reopening – slowly

There is outdoor dining — albeit limited — at Brookfield’s Le District outdoor cafe on the North Cove Marina plaza. Liberty Bistro, opened on Saturday (thanks to the tip from B. and C.) Orders can be placed online here or you can use the QR code in the menu PDF. Then there are high-tops with no seats positioned out front.

Le District will be open Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 8p, and Le District Coffee is open Monday through Friday from 8a to 3:30p and Saturday and Sunday 9a to 5:30p. Brookfield Place itself, however, will close everyday at 7p and reopen at 6a.

They are calling it a “partial re-open” with a limited takeout menu (see below). There’s a few frozen drinks, a couple wines in each color and oysters, lobster roll, shrimp cocktail, mac & cheese and a few other items. NB: You have to buy food to get a drink, which is true at all restaurants and bars open now during the quarantine. My guess is that you are legal to drink on their premises, since they likely have leasehold on that space on the plaza.