More businesses added to the list of break-ins

A neighbor who lives on West Broadway sent these shots, taken at 4:20a this morning, of Tribeca Apothecary’s windows being broken. She first called police at 4, when she heard Max’s window being smashed. A few minutes later, seven cars pulled up and a group of men got out and after milling about for a while, picked up a trash can and threw it into the pharmacy window. When the burglar alarm went off, they ran, yelling, “Someone called the cops. Let’s get out of here,” the neighbor said.

He added that a police cruiser went by at one point but didn’t stop. His building has now ordered wood to board up the ground floor.

Below, shots from T Mobile on Greenwich south of Whole Foods and Verizon on Broadway; break-ins at OK Uniform and Harley-Davidson. And J. sent the video, which shows stores in Soho being looted. (At first I thought they were stealing the JR photographs, but they were raising them to get into the Montcler store at Prince and Mercer.) UPDATE: 200 Church also added to the list.

Curfew starts tonight at 11p and runs till 5a, and police presence will be doubled.


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  1. Is there anything we can do to help our neighborhood spots clean up? Patch up windows?