Thousands march through downtown in protest

The march started at Foley Square with protestors on bended knee and when given the high sign, they headed down Centre, past City Hall and the Municipal Building, down Park Row, merged onto Broadway and past Charging Bull, down Whitehall, left on Water, right on St. James, left on Madison, then up Pike to Allen where, three hours later, I peeled off. The police said it was a couple thousand people, but it took the crowd 8 minutes to walk past me when I stood still on Grand.

The mood was electric — and good humored. Folks gave away bottles of water and PB&J sandwiches. Chants ranged from “Enough is enough” to “No Justice, No Peace” to “Say His Name: George Lloyd” to the less sophisticated “NYPD, Suck My Dick;” still police let marchers do their thing by clearing the streets ahead of them with an advance team of about 15 cops on bikes.



  1. I stayed with this group for 4 hours, finally exiting at 14th Street and 3rd Ave at 5pm. It was well organized, peaceful but energetic and a great show of support.

  2. “How many were not filmed” indeed!

  3. This should read “Say his name: George Floyd,” not “Say his name: George Lloyd.”