A view of a shuttered neighborhood

Local business owners boarded up their storefronts last night, in some cases as they were serving their last drinks and dinners through an open window. By my count, nine windows were smashed on Monday night and my guess is there are plenty I missed. A few didn’t open yesterday at all in anticipation of the protests and everyone else was shuttered by 8.

It’s heartbreaking to see, after all local businesses have tried to do to stay alive these past three months. As Phet Schwader said at Khe-Yo last night, as he nailed up the last panel over his window: “I really didn’t think it could get any worse, and here we are.”



  1. There is a great divide between protesting and looting – your June 3rd post does not make this distinction.

    • One is intrusive and invasive, but neither is surreptitious or naked.

    • You mean the post you commented on? That’s the only June 3 post so not sure what you mean. But yes, I agree about the difference.

      • this was your headline: “As if local businesses hadn’t had it tough enough these past three months, the citywide protests have forced them to board up their storefronts to protect what’s left.”

        • I see what you mean. Fair enough.

        • I dont think its wrong what they posted… business are being hurt by this… peaceful or not… and monday – tuesday night were terrible nights for the neighborhood… buildings have hired private security (including mine)… in no part did they equal peaceful protests with looters…

        • Arne, Any creepy photos of your neighbors during the pandemic?

  2. I am all for peaceful protests. However, protests sometimes set the stage for bad actors to loot. What happens if there are no more goods to loot? What’s next? Apartments and houses?

  3. This really is a sad and concerning situation. People have the right to protest but people also have the right to run their businesses (life and liberty). One should not be placed above the other. I would like to see the city direct protests to certain areas and times not a free for all.

    • Is it as sad and concerning as black citizens (human beings) being killed needlessly by police officers? (Life and liberty and all) So sad to hear about your troubles. Totally out does slavery and hundreds of years of systemic racism, etc. Sorry to “inconvenience” you for a couple of days.