Seen & Heard: Really? Now?

This shot came from N. along with this note: “So this asshole is back.” Wow, timing.

A few more windows to add to the list, just for the record. These along Broadway, north of Reade.

C. reports that she saw someone going into Sweetgreen on Chambers and he told her they were opening Tuesday. Maybe that goes for both locations??

Paul Ruggeri, whose gymnastics studio opened in August 2018, seems to be closed, and he posted this note to instagram below and this video to his YouTube page. He’s decided to become a nurse, and he will start his training soon in Syracuse. “Words cannot describe how excited I am to embark on this new journey and how honored I am to be finally pursuing a fulfilling career.”

Along with Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou, Manhattan Youth will give away masks today, June 8, at 1p at its facility at 120 Warren. Andy Koutsoudakis of Tribeca’s Kitchen also donated a carton of masks for this effort in memory of his father, Andy Sr.



  1. I don’t see why we condemn the Trump supporter for exercising his first amendment rights but say nothing about the protesters. It’s a free country and we should not criticize anyone for peaceful exercise of free speech, regardless of whether we agree.

  2. Of course he has a right to free speech. But at this moment in time, sitting by our beautiful and peaceful river is one of the few
    things I look forward to. I resent his use of it for political purposes as I would resent it used for product advertising. This dreadful pandemic has given us all the anguish we can handle right now and I deplore the desecration of the river for any candidate. Choosing one who might be confused by the initials EPA only makes it worse.

  3. Just think about the amount of time it took him, or her, to think about, to plan, and then put this contraption together. How many bottles of wine? How many Home Depot trips? I’d loved to see what other projects he, or she, has built over the last three years. da Vinci of the Sea! He, or she, has obviously got a very full life! I am just so jealous! Thank God Scully was making an emergency landing!

  4. Look or don’t look if you don’t like it but he’s expressing himself without damaging anything belonging to someone else. No condemnation for the looters who wielded the straw that broke Maxwell’s back? Free speech is free speech & property damage is a crime. If you have those two mixed up, take a look at a history book.

    • Marsha, I don’t think bringing up history as it relates to race and riots in America is going to help you. We live in a white supremacist country, and Trump is a painful reminder and enforcer of that ideology. We move into a more inclusive,
      modern era when Trump and his d-bag supporters are only seen in history books.

  5. Free Speech? Was my recent posting removed by Tribeca Citizen? I don’t see it.

    • I have to approve comments and it does not always happen instantaneously.

      • What would cause you to disapprove and not post a comment? Have you done that?

        • Yes, when I think something is libelous or just so mean-spirited that it puts me in a bad mood. I haven’t got time for the pain, especially these days.

    • Even if she did reject/remove your post, so what? Free speech applies to government restrictions on individual expression. TC is not the government.

  6. many black/white/ civilian lives were taken by officers using excessive force under the Biden/Obama administration as well. Why wasn’t there organized protesting and looting after those? Why didn’t Biden attend their funerals? There are bad people everywhere, in every profession, and the focus should be on that officer. There are also a lot of wonderful officers saving lives and protecting our cities that go unnoticed on a daily basis. Reform needs to happen to eliminate that, and I sure wouldn’t sign up to be a police officer, but please explain how racism and police brutality is Trumps fault? Can’t help but see the political agenda/timing behind all of this.

    • BLM protests began during Obama’s presidency. Wikipedia link here.

      I couldn’t find evidence that Biden attended any funerals for victims of police brutality while VP. Maybe because his boss was a black dude, and the first black president, and Obama went instead? Anyway, here’s Biden attending a slain NYC cop’s funeral in 2014, from the Daily News.

      And here’s an abstract for a paper that examines the increase of hate crimes under Trump, link here.

  7. Just curious: Is anyone permitted to take a boat out on the river and advertise (with a billboard or flag or whatever) for any commercial or political purpose? Wasn’t there a company with a billboard on a boat sailing up and down the Hudson that had to stop because they didn’t have a permit or license? I may have this wrong…..but this may be regulated activity.
    I know that in some towns there are regulations relating to political signs being displayed, even on your own private property.

  8. The “asshole” description refers to the rower not Trump. Apparently the photographer has “moral clarity” which is just a way to condemn someone without actually having a debate.

  9. FYI. There will be a 200 boat “Trumptilla” starting 11am July 4 on Sacandaga Lake, Fulton County, NY. They will be accompanied by a formation flyover of vintage US military aircraft. Seems that unlike Tribeca, upstate is full of “deplorable” “assholes.” All are welcome.