Are summer camps on? It seems not.

As the governor opens up some businesses and construction for Phase 1, he has said from the podium that summer camps will also be open. But when I checked in with Bob Townley, who runs Downtown Day Camp out of the community center on Warren and PS 234, he was quite sure there was some sort of disconnect there. He figured the governor must have been talking about Western New York state.

“We have heard nothing from NYC Health Department,” he said. “We have no approval to open, and with school buildings closed, there really is not camp.”

The state has an online system that allows you to see if your business can reopen — yes, it is called the Regulation Wizard — and when I plugged in a recreation camp for New York County, the wizard told me I have to wait for a “future phase.” Since most city summer camps would have started on June 29, that phase would have to be two weeks away.

Summer camps are not listed on the city’s Phase 2 businesses (that includes outdoor restaurants, hair salons, real estate). In fact explicitly STILL prohibited in Phase 2 are large gatherings like concerts, amusement parks and carnivals, gyms and movie theaters. There’s not been an official announcement for Phase 2, but the guesses range around the start of July.

The governor also recently suggested that by June 26 he would permit some smallish graduation ceremonies (up to 150 people), which by my calculation allows for a graduating class of maybe 40 (plus two guests for each kid plus staff).



  1. Interesting. NY Kids Club sent email yesterday and they are confident most of their centers will be able to provider camp with the 6/29 timeline. I forwarded you the email.

    In other news, there will be a protest at City Hall today at 5pm. It’s a families march so kids can join.

  2. BK game lab also hosting camps

  3. The Parisi Speed School at ARC Athletics is having semi private social distant youth sessions.

    • Focus of work is on speed, agility, strength, coordination and more importantly having fun while moving!

    Email: to reserve a day and time.