In the News: Luxury sales are creeping back up

The Journal reports that Tribecan Danny Davis’ sale of the duplex penthouse at 415 Greenwich (asking $18.995 million, reduced from $20 million) contributed to the highest weekly total in sales in the past 11 weeks, and it was also the No. 1 contract in the city. And the No. 2 sale was at 260 West Broadway — the American Thread building — where a two-bedroom went for $11.5 million.

The Leica store on West Broadway was ransacked several nights ago, when looters came through and hauled away merch from dozens of stores. CBS local news has the video

The Post talks to several shop owners whose stores were ransacked, including Rachel Krupa, who owns The Goods Mart on Lafayette. Most of her merchandise was taken or damaged. “While we don’t have as much product, we reopened. But we need to remember why this happened, and ask how to change our society,” she told The Post.

The mayor said the city would open streets and sidewalks to outdoor dining this summer in a way the city never has before and the commissioner of DOT said the city would fast-track permits for sidewalk cafes. More on this later, but for now, from Crain’s.



  1. Really looking forward to the outrage of folks make at more outdoor cafes. Cannot fathom living here and not wanting active and prosperous street level activity. If you are that concerned with what goes on outside your condo on public space, you probably need to rethink if Manhattan is the place for you. I for one CANNOT WAIT to start supporting the local businesses that make Tribeca a fantastic place to live on our public space!

    • DB,

      So true indeed. I know most New Yorkers are all waiting for the city to slowly spring back to the life and vibrancy which drew us all here in the first place.

      Would like to hear something more besides construction sounds! ;) (Knowing what we know about NY Real estate developers hold on the city, not the least bit surprised that they were in Phase 1 (sigh))