Lekka Burger is open for takeout and delivery

The vegan burger joint Lekka Burger is open again on Warren, with a QR ordering code that works great. Takes you right to their site. You can scan the giant code on the window, or find it here. Hours are noon to 8 Wednesday through Saturday and 5 to 8 on Sunday (closed Monday and Tuesday for now).

The menu is limited, but for the vegans out there it will be a treat. They’ve got three versions of their burger — created by acclaimed veggie chef Amanda Cohen — three kinds of fries, a broccolini caesar salad, vegan shakes, draft beers and cocktails.

The restaurant had just opened last November and was just warming up when everything shut down in March. They seem to be fitting into a smart trend, if you ask me — especially while the neighborhood is quiet — of limited hours and offerings. At least it gives them a fighting chance of coming back full strength in the fall.



  1. So glad to hear this! Great food, nice people … we were worried they had disappeared.

  2. Great news! This was such a great and delicious addition to the neighborhood. We really all have to support it and other restaurant gems in our area.