Some more reopenings in the neighborhood

Hudson River Park has set up a pretty sweet deal for the Grand Banks, which now has a row of tables for two running along the south side of the pier. This also means they can serve drinks within that space. Tables can be reserved ( and hours are 11:30a till midnight. This has to be the best date spot in town right now…

I tried to get in touch with corporate for details — but no answer yet. Still, these notes on the doors. This is suburban-style with the numbered parking spaces, so not sure how they envision this working here…

Looks like you can call in your order to Barnes & Noble and head up the escalator to grab it.

It seems there’s a debate on whether to leave boards up or not; Anejo is open and playing it safe, as are the majority from what I can see. The Odeon took theirs down, as did Target (and while the latter is nothing to look at, it really is nice to see that corner unmasked). Also note that while there is no table service, patrons can sit at those tables outside The Odeon once they’ve picked up the takeout order.



  1. The tables at Grand Banks are lovely, but why is it that they can have seating and Cafe 25 can’t… They even put barriers around the benches outside Cafe 25 so you can’t even sit and wait for your order.

  2. The Greenwich Hotel reopening July 1st!

  3. city vineyards got into big trouble 5 weeks ago with over 100 people doing just what you said, all packed on the benches, no masks because of everyone drinking and groups of 4 to 10 surrounding all the tables….
    That’s when they put up the barricades around everything.

  4. Yes I know, but I was just wondering over the weekend, there were lots of people at Grand Banks drinking and sitting at their tables (no mask), they are allowed to drink but if you sit in the park it is against the law. It makes no sense. And Cafe 26 can’t put out tables yet and there is someone right in front of Cafe 26 giving out tickets if you are drinking, But at Grand Banks nothing.
    Just asking is that fair.

    • You are not allowed to drink in parks or in any public space. City Vineyard has parts of its leasehold from the park where it can put outdoor tables if it wants. Since Grand Banks’ premises are floating, the park created what is essentially a sidewalk cafe for it — the same as the city does for land restaurants.

      • Just curious if you know why they were allowed to create that sidewalk cafe when outdoor dining isn’t yet allowed in this phase? Other places were telling us they were getting threats of licenses being pulled for doing the same thing. Grand Banks seems to be an exception.

        • There is no service there — just the tables. You get your food and can sit there with a reservation. You can also drink there. City Vineyard will also have something similar soon. Think of it like The Odeon, where you can do the same thing.

          • . And you can’t do it at the Odeon. I was at Odeon Sunday night. Only Grand Banks has special treatment for some reason. Everyplace else they say Phase 2..

          • I get that there is no service, but all other places are being told they can’t have people eat/drink their takeout at those tables. We got lunch at Smith and Mills Sunday and they told us that people were getting their licenses pulled for that (they have a couple tables too, FYI). I just find it odd that Grand Banks is freely allowed and everyone else is in violation of the guidelines. And don’t get me wrong, I’m dying to get one of those tables at Grand Banks but they are all booked up!