Local parks are opening facilities bit by bit

As part of Phase 1, Hudson River Park opened its tennis courts and dog parks and turned on the water fountains. (Its bathrooms have been open the entire time, except for Pier 40 and Pier 51.) Some other details:

  • Humans in dog parks required to wear masks or face coverings and remain 6 feet apart while inside.
  • Tennis Courts are open for singles play only. Unless players are from the same household, please sit 6 feet apart when using park benches. Masks must be worn while waiting.
  • Use gloves, a tissue or cloth to activate the water fountains and bottle fillers. Do not touch the tap with your hand, mouth or bottle.

Battery Park City opened its bathrooms at Wagner and Teardrop today and hours are from 8a to 3:30p daily and will scale up to 6:30p over the next weeks.

Opening the BPC fields is still TBD. The authority is trying to figure out what form the activity in there will take, though it will most likely be for leisure activity or solitary activities, as opposed to team sports or even competitive sports.

BPC dog runs are closed still, but the tentative plan is to start with 7:30a to 4p, seven days a week, and scale up to 7p. There’s a chance they will leave them open all night, but that is still TBD and would require that humans do the right thing and clean up after their dogs.



  1. The fruit cart on Chambers and Greenwich is back too, but only on weekdays for now.

  2. They also need to continue construction of The West Thames turf field which began as part of the deconstruction of Rector St. bridge. The turf field is getting increasingly crowded and more space will certainly help with social distancing.

  3. Anyone know when the banks will open? Specifically TD Bank?