A public plaza will open this summer on Citibank’s west side

Somehow I never tuned into the plans for the west side of Citibank headquarters, but it started to appear behind the fences recently as what looks like a pretty spacious, if narrow, seating area. Citibike folks said the “West Plaza” will open late summer and runs from N. Moore to Hubert along the highway and will be open to the public year round. There are multiple seating areas, trees and other plantings.

Despite its location on the highway, this will be a good addition to our new outdoor lives. Every bit counts.



  1. Great! Indeed, every bit counts.

    I’m happy with our corporate neighbor. The new public spaces were needed and are nice.

  2. The Citibank outdoor space is under rated IMO. It’s such a great addition to the area along with the Piers. Definitely makes this my favorite area in the TriBeca neighborhood.

    Now if something could just be done about those big, dark, nearly vacant, IDP buildings and public spaces…