Closing for Good? Mariachi’s is too quiet

Sadly for the neighborhood, it seems Mariachi’s, which for ages was a fixture on the southeast corner of Warren and West Broadway and moved to Chambers in 2016 when that building was demolished, may be closed for good. (Thanks to A. for tuning in first.) Their website is down, the phone number is disconnected, and there is a sign on the door from the Fire Department that makes it seem they have given up the space.

I really hope I am wrong about this. It’s a loss. The folks in there were always so nice, and it was a reliable and affordable go-to for the neighborhood. They preserved the charm and history of the former Kitchenette space — minus the pink. Plus, who couldn’t love their tag line: “Mexican food, Tribeca flavor.”

As to the FDNY notice: what is going on that they would inspect spaces while restaurants are forced by the city and state to remain closed? To say it makes no sense is an understatement.



  1. Anyone know what’s going on with Terra on West Broadway? They too have been closed even though you’d assume they’d open for phase 2 with all their usual outside seating. Not a good sing.

    • I thought the same thing. Not a good sign. And the same for Sarabeths.
      In other sad news- Vin Sur Vingt now has a for rent sign outside. Really sorry to see this one go! It was a great spot.

      • Oh no. Vin Sur Vingt was a perfect little city gem. But no office crowd in the foreseeable future has to be an extremely scary prospect for them and others like Wolfgang’s who probably thrived off of Citi corporate accounts. This is going to be a real tough year around here.

      • I emailed Sarabeth’s a month ago and they said they were reopening, but clearly no efforts yet.

  2. Little Park still has boards up on windows and doors as well.