Where in Tribeca?

Where can you find this sweet mosaic detail, perhaps created by West Side Foundry? (Thanks to C. for the submission.)



  1. reade street vet

  2. This is the vet at 146 Reade St, Sonia

  3. By the way this has been on Where in Tribeca in the past. Sonia

  4. Better step up the game Pam. :)

    • I do not possess the memory for detail that you kind readers do — in other words, I don’t play the game, I just make it. My cat goes to this vet and I never even noticed these mosaics! But yes, Sonia is right: four years ago almost to the day. Won by Jim Smithers. And the answer is still Reade Street Animal Hospital. Well done, Buttons!

      • Why doesn’t Smithers play anymore? Is he not aging well?

        • He doesn’t have access to free wi-fi since he began camping out with his fellow protesters at City Hall park.

          • But City Hall Park has free wi-fi?

          • @PeterD, can you clarify how Smithers won’t have access to free wi-fi if he’s camping at City Hall Park, when City Hall Park has…free wi-fi?

          • Yes, logically, this is a head-scratcher. But I am sure PeterD has an implausible explanation. He just won’t share it.
            Where in Tribeca just became way too easy, so let Sonia Stock have at it. She’ll never match my success. Never. Even Buttons can easily beat her. Easily.

  5. Relax everybody. It’s vacation time. Otherwise known as no news time. And during a pandemic. I could lift the Sunday NYT
    with one hand this morning.