Seen & Heard: Bed Bath & Beyond is open

I thought they were still doing a city version of curbside pickup, but N. reports that Bed, Bath & Beyond has been open for customers to stroll right in for a couple weeks now. “Given the sign below, there shouldn’t be a line to get in ever (and when I was there a little while ago there were a maybe 5 customers including me in store.)”

Barnes & Noble is also back — and face coverings are required. Hours there are 10:30 to 6, Monday to Saturday; 11 to 6 on Sunday.

I am a bit late on this, but DSL has opened registration for this fall, despite the fact that what sports will look like for kids adults and pros in the future. This from the league: “Every year at about this time we send a note welcoming new and returning families to register for the upcoming fall soccer season. This year is no different, although the circumstances certainly are. First, the pandemic which continues to disrupt and sadly take lives and livelihoods. Second, we are bearing witness to heartbreaking coverage of protest and injustice. Much of which was already present, painful and personal for some, and now fully on display to all. We remain hopeful that this fall brings us back together to play and support the game we love. We are in contact with local officials and will continue to assess how best to prepare for our return.”

After some concern about the new paper on the windows at Goldish on Murray, I heard this from Yafit Goldfarb, the owner: “I didn’t want to board our store when the riots were happening so my kids just put up paper. We are opening our Miami shop (Goldishplayground) first. NYC will open after I do a small renovation, clean the energy and bring new alchemy.” (The picture is pre-pandemic.)


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  1. Yes, I went by BBB this morning to take advantage of my 20% discount post card, but sadly, they did not have any soda stream refills… So I did not venture past the customer service window, but it seemed pretty empty, and two people were cleaning.

    I believe they open at 10AM, with 9-10 being reserved for 60+ and anyone with health issues.