Alumnae will close permanently this month

The women’s shoe store Alumnae will close permanently on July 24, leaving what is one of the most beautiful storefronts in the neighborhood. Founder Kari Sigerson (along with partner Eliza Axelson-Chidsey) said they will be in the store till then, and they are not sure if they will continue online.

We’re very sad to be closing,” said Kari. “We’re not sure what the future holds. We will hang onto our mailing list and if we have news we will share it with everyone.”

The store opened three years ago in the old newsstand of 60 Hudson — the Western Union building. The partners wanted an alternative space that took advantage of the neighborhood’s architecture, and found it beneath those Art Deco details.

“We really did try to connect with the neighborhood and present a beautiful product in a lovely environment. We started all this with full hearts and high hopes but somethings just don’t work out.”



  1. Sad to hear. They had such a warm sign up during the shut down. I feel for all of these retailers. A good friend has a shoe line that was built online, but the pandemic also hindered and delayed production. So tough right now

  2. Is this the view that merchants and restaurants have for the future of Tribeca. I think YES