NYPL opens eight locations – but not ours yet

The NYPL has started work again on the New Amsterdam branch on Murray Street, and the library now says that work will be done there in a couple of months. It looks like it is coming along? (I forgot how big that library is.) It certainly doesn’t look like it was a complex renovation, so you have to wonder why it has taken two years…

Of course they have some time since our branches are not yet open. The NYPL has just now opened eight branches across Manhattan, The Bronx and Staten Island (the other two boros have their own library systems) for grab-and-go service: the closest to us is East 23rd Street, but you can see the full list here and instructions on how to use the service. (No info on when ours will be added to the list.)


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  1. There has been activity inside the Murray Street branch this week! Looks less like a construction site and more like workers are getting ready to fill the new shelves… And someone was cleaning the windows outside as well.