Dudley’s Paw, Wagging Tail, Petco and now AKC Canine Retreat

Tribeca pups will have a very different lifestyle in the neighborhood when they return. American Kennel Club’s AKC Canine Retreat on Murray has closed permanently, based on all signs. The store is empty, no one answers emails and the website has not been updated since March. In fact, no one picked up the phone at any of the six locations around the city.

AKC took over the former Spot doggy daycare in 2017 and neighbors say it was a great place for pets (thanks to S. for the heads up).

As for canine lifestyle services around here, Dudley’s Paw was the first blow last spring, due to the sale of the building (I still tear up when I reread that convo with Yvonne Fox). But COVID-19 took out Wagging Tail, Petco on Chambers and now this.

Still going: Pup Culture, Pamper Ur Pets, Biscuits & Bath, Oh To Be A Dog and Poochi concierge services, that I know of. Biscuits & Bath in Tribeca is open for dog walking and grooming only; in Fidi it’s open for day care, training, grooming, walking and vet services, with overnights on the Upper East Side with a shuttle provided. Comment and I will add to the list.



  1. How about Pup Culture on Hudson? That’s a terrific place!

  2. Also Big City Woof Walker is a delightful bunch of local walkers!

  3. Also Oh To Be A Dog is still going strong!

  4. pup culture is open!- they are THE BEST! they have taken care of my 15yr old Rusty since he was 3 months old.

  5. Le Pet Spa in Battery Park is open! Amazing grooming and they have some supplies at well. Thrilled Pamper Ur Pets is still open, they are so kind and helpful

  6. Tribeca Pet Services! Awesome walking and pick up day care service for stays on their NJ property.

  7. Tribeca Pet Services is the best pet service ..since 2007 they have provided dog walking, walk & train, training and country boarding & daycare services for city dogs who desperately need fresh air and outdoor space. (Indoor daycares are a thing of the past..TG )

    • In New Jersey??

      • I have sent two of my dogs to their NJ country boarding and daycare center over the last 12 years. They pick up in Tribeca and bring them out of the city for some fresh air & lots of green space. My city dogs need that But, I’ve also used their walk & train service in Tribeca. They are affiliated with my vet at Reade Street Animal Hospital. Amazing people who know exactly how to treat pups. They also do a lot of volunteer work with spca & mspca

  8. I highly recommend Metro Pets (Metropetsnyc.com) for dog walking and dog sitting. They have been walking Harry my Goldendoodle for 3 years and have been absolutely wonderful. Metro Pets is the best dog walking service in NYC!