Tribeca’s Kitchen will reopen this week

Andreas Koutsoudakis, the son of the restaurant’s founder who died this spring of the coronavirus, is working overtime to not just reopen, but make some upgrades that his father already had in mind. Right now they are planning on a July 23 opening (and perhaps a soft opening on Wednesday) for outdoor seating and a teaser of a new menu, as well as some adaptations for the times. (Thanks to P. for the pic.)

“I want to honor my father’s legacy with an elevated interpretation of the diner experience,” Andreas said. “My father was an exceptional operator, and he was always thinking about innovation and quality of both food and service. He didn’t subscribe to the idea that because we were a diner we should accept anything less than the best. He was always ahead of his time. Now it’s our responsibility to build on his vision and values.”

Andreas Senior had intended to revamp the counter space and the booths, hence the construction that has gone on lately. They are also renovating to go a bit beyond the state protocols, and also create a grab-and-go station to pick up orders or get a quick coffee.

“I want to do everything I can so that my employees are safe and my customers are safe. It will be reimagined, but will still be a fresh and bright place where everyone is going to be happy to visit. I’m here to stay and capture everything I possibly can about my dad, which is why the sign in the window says ‘Love Like Andy.'”

UPDATE: The restaurant’s outdoor space is being branded as TK Patio, “a pop-up experience that will transform the diner’s outdoor sidewalk and roadway seating, where the team will be able to share fun light bites and cocktails in a safe and open environment. The pop up will be open Wednesday to Sunday, with seatings available from 11 am to 6:30 pm.”



  1. I walked over there yesterday and there is music playing along with planters set up. So glad to see this.

    • The last thing we need is more music playing outside. 1803 restaurant had a live band the other day for several hours – don’t they need a permit for that? It may be festive for them, but for nearby residents it’s a real nuisance, especially when you can hear music from multiple restaurants at a time.

      • its not loud and hardly can compet with traffic. if you wanna make Tribeca even nicer, get rid of cars on certain streets….music at that decibel is likely to drown out the traffic noise

  2. Now they can make use of all of the outdoor furniture Andy invested in before his neighbors blocked his sidewalk permits. Wishing you all the best of luck on the reopening and look forward to visiting again.

    • Neighbors really tried to block his outdoor permit? Thats terrible; what on earth for? They prefer speeding cars?

        • DeeDee. Are you for real? A local business is going to try and make a come back and all you can do is whine and moan, you really must be a treat to live with. And I’m sure most of the businesses in the area were there before you became THEIR neighbor. Lighten up and help the neighborhood not hinder it. Enjoy the rest of the summer.

          • Good retort to Dee Dee. I bet she was complaining when we opened our widows at 7pm each night to bang pots and pans, ring bells, blow whistles, to show gratitude and appreciation for all the essential workers.

            Does she not get that the beloved owner of the restaurant was one of the first people to pass away in the city from the virus?

            I’ve lived in TriBeCa since 1994 and I’m so tired of all the “Dee Dee’s” in the neighborhood. I’ve had to dive out their ways as they push their double wide perambulators down a single wide sidewalk on their way to a Pilate’s class. It’s all about THEM!

            ugh, get out.

          • I think you meant WINDOWS not ‘widows’ in writing “I bet she was complaining when we opened our widows at 7pm each night to bang” etc. :-)

  3. To Joseph and Anjali Augustine and the 52 Thomas St board members – shame on you for having Andy’s permit revoked. Just shameful. I can’t wait to eat back there to help celebrate Andy and to honor his memory ????.

  4. I am so happy! Can’t wait to go!