111 Murray pocket park now complete

The little pocket park at 111 Murray is now fully planted and open for business, and the timing is pretty good. When it opened officially in early March, we did not yet realize how important unprogrammed open spaces would be to our pandemic lifestyles. I write this with the hope that people will actually start using it to make it worth the community giveaway.

And on the many days I have walked by, it is near empty, much like Citi’s front yard on Greenwich. Again, here’s hoping that things will change as office workers and residents come back.

The only piece left to do is the back corner that is currently roped off. (C. asked about this months ago as a nosy neighbor.) That will eventually be filled with crushed stone and the rope is intended to show landscapers where it goes, according to the developer.


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  1. Awesome news, thanks Pam!

    Now can they change the sprinkler timer?
    It goes off at 7pm! Prime summer evening grass hours for the kids and after they water the grass it makes it too wet for the rest of the night.

    Maybe it could go off at 9pm or 10pm?