Progress at 100 Franklin reveals art in bricks

I happened to bump into the contractors doing the quite remarkable brick work at 100 Franklin — the building wedged into a sliver of Sixth Avenue as it splits with Church. He was quite proud of the work — and he should be. There are unique designs at every inflection point, including a vaulted ceiling at the entrance to the building. The bricks are also unusual sizes and proportions, which can only be appreciated when you come in close.

The developer, DDG, also did the fancy facade work at what I call the Flintstone building — 12 Warren. There, fieldstone is layered with the rough edges protruding, along with a stone awning stretching across the sidewalk. (The cantilevered nature of that one element made me skitter past it, but the contractor assured me the structure is not going anywhere.) 100 Franklin is really two triangle buildings, carved out of the angle of the street. The connection between them allows for a peek at the rear yards on Franklin.

Of course it is also exciting to see the broad sidewalk finally liberated.


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  1. I guess no one thought of or cared how that one section of missing bricks is going to traumatize the residents with trypophobia.

  2. I foresee many happy birds nests in the future.

    • Man a bunch of depressed losers commenting onTribeca Citizen today

      The reCaptcha verify technology is unbearable. Will never comment again.

  3. Can we get an update on the timing of the Barnett Newman Plaza renovation that DDG will be carrying out in front of this magnificent new residential building?

    • I’ve tried, but will try again. It is on my list.

      • CB1 has tried and failed for years, apparently., June 2019: “Lower Manhattan CB Wants Updates On A Promised Plaza In Tribeca”

        A developer filed an application to DOT in 2014 to make this space into a public plaza. Now, CB 1 wants to know what happened to the plans.

        By Sydney Pereira, Patch Staff Patch Staff Badge
        Jun 4, 2019 2:16 pm ET | Updated Jun 4, 2019 2:38 pm ET

        “[…] But since then, Community Board 1 says the developer has not provided any updates at board meetings — irking Lower Manhattanites.

        ” ‘The community [board] has made countless efforts,’ Paul Goldstein, the chair of CB 1’s parks committee, said at the May 28 CB 1 meeting. ‘We’ve had very little success.’

        “CB 1 has been asking DDG for more than a year to update the neighborhood on the plaza upgrades, the board wrote in a resolution passed May 28.

        “But, ‘DDG has not been willing to attend any meeting thus far and we remain in the dark as to their plans” for the plaza, the board wrote in the resolution.’ […]

        “A spokeswoman for DDG said by email, ‘We were in touch with Community Board 1 a few months ago to let them know that our current focus is on completing construction of these two complex buildings, which are steadily progressing towards completion.’ DDG did not answer questions on the plans for a public plaza.

        “A Department of Transportation spokeswoman confirmed DDG applied to the department’s plaza program in 2014 and was accepted under the developer’s commitment to fund and maintain the plaza.

        “DOT is waiting to move ahead, pending the project’s funding, the DOT spokeswoman said. […]”

  4. The weather and the freeze/thaw cycle are going to wreak havoc on those gaps in the brick and the uneven facade at 12 Warren in my opinion. The unit owners can have a fun time maintaining the facade with little recourse against the sponsor.

  5. really great. especially the corner arched entrance,

  6. I would suspect that DDG is trying to walk back their commitment re the plaza.