Watching out for speeders on Greenwich

A.’s eagle eye spotted a newly installed speed camera mounted just outside Washington Market Park on Greenwich Street — part of the city’s Vision Zero plan started last summer that would expand the cameras around school zones.

The speed cameras use the same radar and laser technology that police use to catch speeders, only in this case images of the vehicle are recorded along with an image of the license plate. The violation is reviewed by a DOT staff technician for accuracy. If the technician verifies that the identified vehicle was exceeding the speed limit by more than 10 miles per hour, within a school speed zone, between the hours of 6a and 10p Monday through Friday. Your ticket — for $50 — comes in the mail. I know this to be true, since I recently got one of my own, blowing through the light at 34th Street and the highway.

The city was authorized to add up to 750 cameras by June (from 140) but they will not say where they are. (A. said he thinks there’s another going up at Greenwich and Chambers, since he spotted a hole near the lamp on the northwest corner.) But the Times reported last year that they may up that number, and move into high-crash areas, not just schools.

“It’s ironic that now that school reopenings are now a question mark that suddenly these are going up,” noted A.



  1. They should put them on Church Street around Reade/Thomas too. Tons of people speed and run the red lights on that section.

  2. Maybe I missed something here, but what school?

  3. BMCC of cocurse; the PS is the one that evaporated, thanks to Vornado —