Seen & Heard: Holy Ground taking to-go to new level

I spotted what looked like a homemade smoker in front of Serafina, and it’s actually … a homemade smoker (I was tipped off by the stencil on the back). This from the folks at Holy Ground: “That is our truck and that is a custom built smoker on the back! We will be doing pop-ups all over the city this summer. We’ll be working with places like Ray’s Bar and The Smile/Freehand hotel and we’re running the food program at the Elsewhere rooftop and doing weekly pop-ups with the cocktail bar We Got Company at Joe’s Auto Repair as well as with Donna outside their location in South Williamsburg. And we’ll also be driving out East to do private events at people’s homes with the truck. We’re trying to make the most of this new reality!”

The Downtown Alliance did a profile on the brothers who own Benares on Murray, who were watching orders decline as folks left the city until something unusual happened: international orders. “We got calls from people in India and Dubai who had us deliver food to their kids’ homes and dorms,” Atin Malholtra told the Alliance. “That had never happened before — our food is authentic, and they like that.”

The Seaport asked Asiya Wadud to create an installation of poems crafted from one-on-one conversations with local residents, and they are now designed and installed by artist Shannon Finnegan. New poems will be installed each week through the summer.

The restaurant on the upland near Pier 45 in Hudson River Park — just north of Pier 40 — is now being operated by the owners of the Grand Banks. Called Drift In, there’s oysters, lobster BLTs, burgers, and more. Hours are 3 to 11 and (The prime spot was operated by Waffles and Dinges.) They are just warming up with takeout; it will be open soon for drinks and dining in soon.



  1. For what it’s worth, it sure looked like Holy Ground packed up and moved out late last week. I didn’t actually get a good look at them clearing out, so it could have been just A Summer Day Cafe emptying (and we already knew they had closed permanently I think), but I thought I recognized some of the stuff being loaded into trucks as coming from downstairs.

  2. Drift In has done some aesthetically pleasing renovations to the space over the past weeks. It has lots of shade as well. Grand Banks and Drift In are both great additions to the Hudson and pandemic appropriate. All outside.