N. Moore parking garage will be converted to offices

The 100-year-old parking garage down the street from the Greenwich Hotel is being converted into a commercial office by the same developers who restored 443 Greenwich on Desbrosses, who will add three floors and some outdoor space that will be set back from the facade in keeping with the Tribeca North Historic District.

The building is being designed by Eran Chen of ODA, the architects who did 15 Renwick, 5 Franklin Place, The James Hotel and tons of others; it will be called The Garage; and the project will restore the utilitarian brick facade, quirky parapet and huge wooden windows. The developer is Metroloft.

The addition will be a steel and glass “cascading platform” of three floors, the architects said, which will not be visible from the street.

It’s a very exciting addition to the block, if you ask me, and will add some life and light to the streetscape. If you live on that stretch of N. Moore, you are high-fiving yourself. And if you want to see what space the addition will take up in real life, go check out the scaffold outline currently constructed on the roof. G. sent the bird’s eye view, below.

The building was built in 1914 as a three-story garage; two more floors were added later that decade. The conversion will include a repointing as part of the restoration, the wood windows will be replaced at the same size and scale with metal and the windows and skylight in the rear yard that were filled in over the decades will be reactivated.




  1. Thank god someone is willing to invest in Tribeca still.

  2. Office space? Interesting choice in this new WFH world. Good luck to them!

  3. Will these lead to fewer parking spaces in the neighborhood and therefore higher fees?

  4. LOL…..Office space…thats exactly what you need in tribeca you fools…wasting millions of dollars. tell me how in the world this makes sense. there is so much office space in this city bldg with soon be filing bancruptcy and these guys think a random northmore street is a good idea…what i am possibly missing….

  5. Wondering when the garage portion of the current building will close and/or changeover to the new project since I am assuming there will no longer be a garage at this site.

  6. Bad timing. economy is in tailspin. probably more demand for high end parking for both residents and commuters who are now driving to work as opposed to using mass transit.

  7. It sounds like the project was approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, but that a final certificate of appropriateness was not issued and a letter requested that ODA must further reduce the visibility of the bulkhead. Does this mean they are likely to reduce the height of the bulkhead or move the mechanical enclosure?