Construction is suspended temporarily at 86 Warren

Construction on the hotel at 86 Warren has been quiet for the past week and a half, but the developer says the work on the Warren Street Hotel (I think that may actually be the name??) has not actually stopped — “it’s currently ongoing.”

The folks at Firmdale Hotels were not specific about what’s going on, or when workers will be back on the site, but suggested that they are taking a break for design and engineering. (There is no stop-work order with the DOB.)

Neighbors at 80 Warren and 92 Warren say that both buildings have been affected by the digging in between them. The southwest corner of 80 has shifted as much as 3/8ths of an inch — just shy of the 1/2-inch threshold for when serious remediation is needed. (Even at that small amount, some of the apartments on the west side have had their doors jam from the shift.) And the basement flooded at 92 Warren a couple weeks ago, which residents think may have been related to work on the site.

Firmdale’s timing so far has been really tough: they broke ground on the site on Feb. 26; and of course the hospitality industry is suffering perhaps more than anyone right now, with hotels having lost 42 percent of jobs since February.


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  1. The silence is heavenly/deafening. I knew they were bogus when we got an inspector to “inspect” at the height and they were pronounced an “essential” They better figure something quickly to stop the slippage.