Outer Reach has closed permanently

Outer Reach, the stretching studio founded just last fall by Fidi resident Aimee Cho, has closed permanently. Cho had done a beautiful renovation of the former half of Viet Cafe on Greenwich, and her business was just picking up steam. It is one of the many businesses in these times that were never given a fair chance to really grow.

The company has announced it is moving entirely online, where it will host private sessions, online classes and self-guided videos. Cho intends to keep her mission alive: to make stretching as mainstream as any other workout discipline.

“The world continues to change dramatically, evolving constantly, and so are we. As a result, Outer Reach is closing the TriBeCa studio and transitioning to a digital business in order to be better positioned to thrive and grow in this new world. Moreover, with the health and safety of our staff and clients our top priority, this is the most appropriate route for the times,” Cho wrote in a message to clients. “We are working on a more robust wellness experience online, making the practice of care more accessible, fun, safe and diverse than it has ever been. You will learn more about Outer Reach 2.0 in the coming weeks!”

The company is refunding any time remaining on packages that were frozen in March.

Outer Reach joins two other studios — Kula Yoga and Yoga Shanti — that have closed their Tribeca outlets. And the fitness industry is in full retreat right now, with both Flywheel and New York Sports Club close to filing for bankruptcy, while at-home workout companies surge. Across the country, small fitness studios have suffered the most, and many have closed already


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  1. This is so sad!!! :( love outer reach! Hope some day they can be back <3