Bubby’s isn’t just for pies anymore

For those of us still eating bread, and who still pine for Arcade Bakery, there’s now a bakery at Bubby’s — perhaps one of the few positive products of the pandemic.

Ron Silver has started using his sourdough starter previously reserved for his pancakes to make a whole new list of offerings, and the restaurant now also is serving bagels, sourdough bread, pizza (as of yesterday), glazed doughnuts, blueberry scones and muffins, and ume cardamom buns (which are only available till noon).

Silver’s starter has a quirky and storied history: the mother dough itself dates back to the 1890s, landing here in Tribeca a decade ago, when Silver was approached by two artists to create what would become an edible installation. Calling it The Incidental Pancake, Hannah Jickling and Helen Reed installed what they called a “microbial enterprise designed to collaborate with multiple hosts.” And so we have it: “This 111-year old Yukon Goldrush sourdough culture is now a permanent intervention in the menu of Bubby’s Pie Company, Tribeca, NY.”

In 2010, diners ate over an informational placemat about the installation, but now we just scarf it down.

Bubby’s also has plans to sell its bread and pastries wholesale in the neighborhood.




  1. feel like a donut and coffee right now.

  2. We did take out brunch from Bubby’s this past weekend and it was delish. I still remember Bubby’s generously gave out food to the neighborhood during Sandy in 2012,

  3. Nice job Ron. Can’t wait to try your new creation when life resumes some sense of normalcy. Best Dan Alterman Reade St.

  4. It takes years and years to understand the bagel. Ron perfected the bagel in a matter of weeks. It is the best bagel in Tribeca, maybe in Manhattan. I’m not kidding.

    • It takes years and years to understand the bagel, but you can perfect it in a matter of weeks? Is Ron charging pandemic prices?