Where in Tribeca?

Didn’t realize these green buttons had so much detail till I got “close.” Where are they?

…And, TribecaMom and Sonia got it right — Sonia first, and then TribecaMom more accurately. It’s 125 Barclay, which is home to DC37. NB: Sonia got the address correct as well — turns out the building is clearly labeled 140 Park Place, even though DC37 lists its address as 125 Barclay. I guess that’s a vestige of when Park Place ran right through to West Street? (and maybe explains the big front yard where the Citi Bike dock is…)




  1. This is located on the building opposite 111 Murray Street on the corner of West Street. It has a lot of detail this building, regards, Sonia S.

  2. I believe the actual address is 140 Park Place, regards, Sonia S.

  3. Looks like DC37 union headquarter building at 125 Barclay. DC37 is the biggest union for city employees. Their logo color is green and white.

  4. Sonia and TribecaMom are both right! It is across from 111 Murray, and the address is 125 Barclay.

    • AND! The address is also 140 Park Place. See updated post to prove that no one — least of all me — should challenge Sonia Stock on matters regarding Tribeca addresses.