Locanda Verde is going whole hog on curbside dining

Locanda Verde is building a substantial operation at its corner of Greenwich and N. Moore, installing custom planters and decking curbside. It adds to the already significant efforts going on at neighborhood restaurants (trees! herb gardens! twinkle lights! tents!) and even during construction, is adding some welcome signs of life to the streetscape. It should all be ready for action this weekend — the hurricane made for a late start on construction.

As for the food part, they are now serving brunch three days a week — Friday, Saturday, Sunday — from 11a to 3p. Dinner for pickup and delivery or outside is Wednesday through Sunday, 5:30 to 9:30p. They are closed for breakfast and lunch.

See the menus here, reservations here, and order for delivery or pick up on their site here.



  1. Fantastic. Love how creative all of these restaurants are getting and an infinitely better use of street space than car parking.

    • Agreed…. It makes the streets feel more like a living part of the city. Putting the tables and chairs in the street on the sidewalk also frees up the sidewalk space more.

      Some of the initial attempts were just quickly thrown together out of necessity, but now that restaurant owners are realizing this could be for the long haul, and even for a time when/if COVID is ever over that it might remain a seasonal mode of dining, there is more effort to make it an aesthetic experience as well. I do hope this becomes an established way to use outdoor space going forward, at least seasonally. I’m sure some will find ways to even continue through the cold months, using outdoor warmers.

  2. I just wish some of these Citibike stands could be moved to allow some of these restaurants the ability to take advantage of as much space as possible. Particularly the ones on Duane and Harrison- if they were moved just a block away to Greenwich (where there are so many empty storefronts) these places would be able to accommodate 2x3x the number of customers. That’s income for the restaurants and servers that could really make a difference.

    • Agree with Julie W. It’s an easy fix to move the Citi bikes a few feet to be outside empty or closed store fronts. Opens up the restaurants and still allows quick access to the bikes. What’s not to like ? Hideaway and others need this type of logical quick decision now.

    • There is no need to move the Citibike on Duane. It is actively used and having people get on/off bikes on Greenwich in heavier traffic is just dangerous. The bike stands are not causing problems for any establishment.

      • sorry mark- but the citibike stand on Duane Street IS causing undue hardship for the Hideaway and for Tokyo Bay- they cannot put tables in the sidewalk -it is too narrow. if we concerned citizens and supporter of all our local businesses- and i mean me (a citibike user)and others- cannot get the stand moved to Greenwich, neither the Hideaway or Tokyo Bay will make it. as for the traffic on greenwich- there really is not much and the cutaway in front of the old Food Emporium space is the perfect place for a fleet of bikes

        • agree with moving the stand on Duane, tried talking to DOT about relocating it to anywhere within a block and they were not flexible. So many great locations within the area, in front of the old market, could have solved the placard parking around Duane Park with the bikes but no flexibility..

  3. The Downtown Alliance has partnered with BentoBox to launch the Restaurant Online Ordering Sponsorship Program — part of a continuing effort to support businesses that are being adversely impacted by the effects of COVID-19.


  4. This is great! Last thing local restaurants need right now is to pay excessive service fees to delivery apps. By the way, will there be an agregation of restaurants through an app? or does one have to go to the specific restaurants website to order?