Field Trip: Riverside Park South

For the next couple months, I’ll publish a day trip suggestion on Sundays, and I am counting on readers to send submissions to share. Follow the template below (no need to write if you don’t want to — you can just send the basic info) and send a few pics to The trip can be by car, train, ferry or bike, and should include at least one pitstop (ie, a meal). Next week: Beacon, NY.

Riverside Park South and Pier I
59th to 71st Street on the Hudson River

30 minutes by bike
1.5 hours by foot
17 minutes by car

Pier I cafe (or get takeout and pull up some lawn)

There’s a historic train engine parked with its front headlight on at the start of the park. There’s also a natural beach if you dare to dip your toes in the Hudson.

There’s also lots of room to lounge, and an unusual feature for a riverside park: shade.

I hadn’t explored Riverside Park South in a while, and admittedly dismissed it for a long time, partly due to the Trump connection and partly due to the fact that it is under the Miller Highway. But it was just completed this past year, so it made the list of parks to explore. We made it a bike trip, and while I expected it to be jam-packed on the bike path on a Saturday afternoon, it was actually quite nice and manageable. It would also make a good long walk.

Trump acquired the property that had been part of New York Central Railroad in 1984;and in that time, and while he wanted to use the waterfront space for commercial projects, community groups demanded that the developer pay for the construction of a waterfront park instead. Of course, it took a decade to develop, but it is now quite special.

There has been talk of removing the Miller Highway for eons and putting it underground, Big Dig style, but that seems like a long way off.