Frenchette opens tonight and is already booked

Frenchette opens tonight at 5, and already reservations are booked through the only dates available on RESY so far, till August 22 (I tried). (@henleyv’s Instagram, with an assist from what I think is Jonah Hill, clearly sums it up for fans.) It’s reservations only with no walk-ups, and they do not have a big storefront, so that partially explains the sellout crowd (that plus a James Beard award for best new restaurant of 2019).

Hours are 5 to 9, Tuesday through Saturday. Closed Sunday and Monday. Takeout/delivery starts August 18.

The seating is outdoors curbside and reservation times are capped to 1 hour and 45 minutes. If it starts raining while you are there, any meals ordered will be packed up to take home. Guests will be asked to wear masks when any staff members are table-side. (I have to say I like this practice, and generally do it even if not required. Otherwise I feel too awkward or guilty when the waiter has her mask on and I am just flying free. I wear a neck gaiter instead of a mask which makes it easier to pull on and off quickly.)



  1. Latest studies report that neck gators provide no more protection than no mask at all. Just sayin’….

    • I layer it twice, but either way, I am sure you are right and that they are not medically approved. But it definitely keeps me from spitting on a waiter as much as any handsewn mask made of cotton or one picked up at Target. And it makes me more likely to cover up at least somewhat. It is very hard to get your mask back on your face before a server approaches the table. I’ve found that often waiters will just shrug and come over anyway while you fumble around.

      • From an article about the study:

        “The neck gaiter, which was made of polyester spandex material, performed the worst in the study, actually producing more particles than speaking with no face covering at all.”

      • It makes my head explode why people cant just put their masks on when the waiter comes over to the table…like is that too much to ask? have a little decency and play along.. its not like you are sacrificing a limb.

        • When I’ve gone out to any restaurant or bar since they’ve reopened- I’ve always ask the waiter if I should keep my mask on or off while ordering or when seated and not eating or drinking. Every waitstaff person I’ve asked has thanked me for asking, but said it’s fine with them to not wear a mask after being seated.

          I’m sure you’ll have some sort of snarky response to this
          in 3, 2, 1…

    • News stories suggesting gaiters are worse than no mask at all are relying on a study that proves no such thing.

  2. What’s with restaurants using glasses? Are you kidding me? And the waiters put them on tables with their bare hands. My favorite restaurant uses plastic Solo cups.

    Also end pouring water. Give me a pitcher or bottle of water and let me pour my own thanks.

    The waiter should put down water, plastic cups, and paper menus with specials wearing gloves, take your order, and bring it over.

    To minimize talking and the order taking order by number of the item. “I’ll have 2 and 7.”