New Kid on the Block: Hawa bubble tea and smoothies

The local smoothie franchise Hawa — they have about six others in the city — has taken the space that was Razzle Dazzle Barbershop at 193 Church between Duane and Reade. But they are still waiting on their new awning so you have to trust me that it’s under there. (And they don’t have much of a digital presence, so just stop by.)

The store offers shakes of a good three dozen varieties and you can craft your own or add ingredients to existing combos. Prices are $5 to $8. They also have fresh pressed juices, acai shakes and bowls, and bubble teas, for which I sent a teenage stringer to investigate, having decided that my bubble tea days are behind me. “I get bubble tea all the time and at Hawa they had a passion fruit green tea that I got with tapioca,” according to Avani Khorana. “It was sweet and really refreshing. I usually go to the Financial District for my bubble tea but this may be where I start going now.”



  1. Ive gone a few times. Its worth it. Plus it keeps that corner lit up. Glad that have the corner frontage

  2. get the corners right…bw duane and reade…not thomas at all. correct that as its false info. thanks

  3. It’s cater-corner from Tribeca’s Kitchen, east side of Duane.
    (closer to Reade than Thomas)