USPS truck set ablaze on Lispenard

A homeless man was charged with Arson after lighting a US Postal Service truck on fire in the early hours of Saturday, August 8, in front of 53 Lispenard. A neighbor caught this video just after the flames died down and once firefighters were on the scene.

The neighbor was awakened in the middle of the night — at 2:30a — and when she looked out the window, the flames, she said, were nearly two stories tall before they subsided.

The Fire Department report noted that police witnessed the “incendiary fire.” The NYPD then arrested Niko West, 30, in the 5th Precinct at 2:41a; an investigation continues.


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  1. very scared of rise in homeless in our area. i was yelled at and harassed by one person on franklin recently. worried we are losing the safety and feel of tribeca