David Bouley is coming back to Tribeca

David Bouley recently announced that he is returning to Tribeca with a new project — Bouley at Home Living Pantry — which will be a semi-private space seating 20 to be located on Harrison Street — and I have to assume that it will be in the building he owns at #17. His note said the venture will explore new ingredients and techniques and also try to reinvent the restaurant experience, since COVID-19 seems to have disrupted it for the foreseeable future.

He also plans to develop a concept book and a new line of frozen foods to go with it. “The book will enable you to execute high level, nutrient dense meals and sauces: building blocks that exemplify your own palate.”

Plans include a membership program, digital programming, and a lecture series — much of this is in response to the pandemic and its effects on both the restaurant industry and health. But nutrition and the science of cooking has been the focus of his most recent project in Chelsea — Bouley at Home and Bouley Test Kitchen. “The new Bouley will tailor guests’ menus to their specific needs and will be designed to optimize the healing power of food.”

Bouley spent much of his career cooking in Tribeca, starting with Montrachet when it was opened in 1985 by Drew Nieporent (Nobu, Tribeca Grill, etc.) and then his own restaurant, Bouley, two years later. Bouley Bakery and Bouley Upstairs (my favorite, where I loved watching Bouley fry steaks in butter in the open kitchen that was a few feet from the dining tables) opened in 2008. Then came Brushstroke in 2011, across from the last incarnation of Bouley on Duane and Hudson, and Chef’s Pass — a private dining room for 12. The Bouley Botanical event space took up residence on the corner of Church and White in 2013.

Bouley lives at 36 Hudson, above the one-time home of his restaurant, and that space, I will note, is for sale now.



  1. Bet he won’t have low salt/sodium options. They’re the only medically proven diet but the forgotten child of every chef.

  2. minor correction… the original bouley was at 165 duane street where scalini fedeli is now.

  3. Why isn’t Danube included in the list of restaurants. Loved it, especially on a cold, wintry night

  4. The Bouley Botanical event space took up residents on the corner of Church and White in 2013.
    … residence not residents