Where in Tribeca?

My mother used to do giant paintings of signs and symbols like these, in a series called Road Talk, so I reflexively take pictures of the cool ones. Where are these colorful squiggles that only have meaning for engineers? (Though I bet James knows what they mean.)

…And Sonia is right, the markings are at the intersection of Reade and Hudson. See James’ comment to understand what they all mean.



  1. This is between Reade and Hudson Street outside of the infamous Bogardus Park and street crossing from Kings Pharmacy to Morgan’s Deli! Will Bogardus Park ever be finished that is the question? It is exhausting to see this park dragged out for so long. Now going on for almost 4 years…regards, Sonia

  2. Rename this site feature Where In TriBeCa Sonia Stock Will Say.

    Hey Sonia how ’bout giving someone else a chance to guess?

    I didn’t know this was Jeopardy – do you win money and/or a prize? LOL

    (I’m busting chops here as it’s amusing how no one guesses where before her.)

    • I will try to step up my game…sometimes I have been away, or WIT was posted much later than 10. And sometimes I just don’t know!

  3. https://www.digsafelynewyork.com/excavators/site-marking

    Paint, flags, or stakes indicating the presence of a buried facility should correspond to the following color codes:

    Red = Electric

    Yellow = Gas/Oil/Steam

    Orange = Communications/CATV

    Blue = Water

    Green = Sewer

    Pink = Survey Markings

    White = Proposed Excavation

  4. Sonia is, of course, right about the location of these markings. But they broke ground on the plaza in November 2017, so that puts us at nearly three years.

    And thanks for the info James!

  5. I’m going on Sabbatical. Good luck everyone. Never let the house win…, Sonia

  6. Now Smithers/Buttons will have a chance to win instead of just griping when Sonia does. Good luck!