China Blue has closed permanently

The owners of China Blue, who opened in the former Capsouto Frères spaces on Watts in 2013, have decided to close their doors for good, and it’s a loss of a lovely space and charming restaurant that brought some light and life to that corner of the district.

“Under the heavy burden of rent and lack of customers, we are permanently closed,” wrote Yiming Wang, the founder of the restaurant group that includes China Blue, Cafe China in Midtown and Birds of a Feather on Grand Street in Brooklyn.

The team made the video above “to share the good memories we had in Tribeca.” You can’t even call it bittersweet — it’s just sad.



  1. This was so well done… and heartbreaking. Such a big loss to our hood.

  2. That is sad- the food was very good, the prices reasonable for the neighborhood, and the architecture priceless…

  3. This is so sad. I saw the lights on last week and staff coming in and out so I thought they were preparing to reopen :-(

  4. Hopefully they’ll reopen or a new restaurant will open in that space one day.

  5. It is a very sad situation.
    They seemed to be doing really well pre-Corona – lively and full of people on most evenings.

    Just a sad testament of what this virus is doing to restaurants in our city.

    • Terrible news. I thought they were doing so well. Always crowded when we went. We ordered delivery often too. Need a a new Chinese delivery spot now. ????

  6. So sad, was a great place for lunch – delicious food, beautiful decor & excellent service.

  7. When our favorite Chinese, China Chalet on lower Broadway, closed we began a search to find a replacement. On the recommendation of neighbors from Tribeca Citizen we tried China Blue. Once was all it took. Food was at best sub par, prices high, portions small. Huge disappointment. The quest continues.

  8. Nice space but food is a whack.