Chase and Capital One to close local branches

Both the Chase branch on Chambers and Broadway and the Capital One branch on Chambers and West Broadway will close in the next months.

A representative from Chase said the least is up in December and that the branch will close sometime in the fourth quarter; the Capital One told customers the branch will close on Oct. 21.

Chase has another branch at 214 Broadway at Fulton and Capital One has a branch on the northwest corner of Chambers and Broadway. Still, these are prominent corners and it will be a shame to see them go dark.



  1. There are also Chase branches at Broadway and Murray and Broadway and Worth. Except for the big banks’ “flood the area “ strategy to outcompete each other with convenience, it never made any sense to have 3 branches within a 10 minute walk.

  2. The Chase at Chambers and Broadway was originally a different bank that Chase took over when it ran into problems, I think after the 2008 financial crisis. My guess is that the lease is up and they don’t need so many branches close to each other. When this branch became Chase, there was another Chase branch diagonally across the street from it. It was absurd.

  3. Santander branch at the corner of Broadway and Worth is closing too. They are opening a new location on Canal St near Centre St, I think.

  4. The HSBC at at John and William has closed as well. On the plus side, the Citibank Branch at 120 Broadway is being renovated and a brand new Citi Branch is well under construction at 180 Water (corner of John) and should open this fall.

  5. Chase also has the Greenwich and Murray branch which I’ve always found to be the most welcoming and cleanest location of the bunch!

    • I agree, Lisa. I have used the Chase Branch on Greenwich at Murray for years, and they are always friendly and helpful.
      I think that demonizing banks in general is ridiculous, BTW.

  6. Geez, you guys are really lamenting the closures of bank branches — the very industry that destroyed the soul of NYC and closed down the mom and pop shops and made the rents higher so that the unique places that made NYC an energizing and vibrant city can no longer open up. People should rejoice that these are closing and there’ll be fewer of these bland and dull carbuncles. Tribecans should just follow J Altucher and the others like him and go back to the suburbs and their Mcmansions and never return.

  7. The prolification of bank branches really put a stain on NYC. Who the F needs a branch of the same bank every 3 blocks, often a block apart. WTF, this is NYC people. You can’t walk half a funkin mile to get to your bank? Not to mention 98% of banking can be done online now anwway.

    I hope 80% of the BoA, Chase, WF, Cap1 branches close. What a waste of space and a blithe on the city…

    • And where do you propose those people in the 80% of branches you think should close go work? Or should they just lose they’re jobs?

      • Did you ask that question about all the workers at independent and/or small businesses driven out by these banks via spiked rents these banks paid? Nope.

        A bank teller can find work as one elsewhere a helluvalot easier than a bookstore owner or cashier. Many are assigned to other branches.

        Let me know when a middleaged coffeeshop owner gets a job managing another indy coffee shop or a Starbucks. Or reopens elsewhere. Or reopens a new place. Middle-aged not 30.

  8. glad to see it go, not handicapped accessible and lazy officers