Seen & Heard: Maman coming back

Maman (and Paper Source) will reopen next week on Sept. 8 and has engaged the self-described glam florists Floratorium to swank up their storefront. (They also did the Beekman Hotel and Maman’s outdoor seating in Soho.) More TK with hours, etc.


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Congratulations to @thebeekmanny for being selected among “The World’s Best Hotels of 2020” by @travelandleisure. It was an absolute joy and challenge designing this outdoor space. When we first walked the empty rectangular space, I automatically thought of the Kawachi Fuji Garden in Japan, where you walk under a colorful Wisteria tunnel exploding with colors. It took several days and night and thousands of branches to cover the custom structure that was set in place for our installation. Creativity is the mother of all inventions. If you can visualize it, you can create it! ???? by @simonlewisphoto. • • • • • • #floratorium #TheArtofGLAMffolding #TheStorefrontFlorist #Wisteria #silkflowers #flowerinstallation #beekmanhotel #nyc

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In one of the more heartening signs of recovery, Bubby’s had folks standing almost to Franklin for brunch on Sunday.

I assume this was PS 89’s clean out of the lockers in the first layer of preparations for kids to arrive later this month…

Seen at Washington Market Park: I couldn’t find the person responsible for these portraits at the time, but they were very cool — painted on patterned fabric so the pattern came through the paint in strategic ways.



  1. The artist is Teofilo Olivieri. He’s on instagram as @teofiloart and you can shop his works on Etsy as well:

    • If you look at the photo you’ll see people are standing apart in the line. We waited in that line last weekend and everyone was in masks and keeping apart. The seating is well spaced and the service was excellent. Calling a local business trash for trying to survive in this environment, while doing it within the rules, is trash.

    • Sorry, this reply was for the toxic comment below, not this one.

  2. Bubby’s is trash for having that line and so many people on the sidewalk and you are weak for not letting anyone say that.

    • Though I agree that all of the restaurants in the neighborhood could do a better job of keeping the lines more organized and safer your response is over the top and unnecessary. You have no right to finger point and name call. Express yourself better or keep your mouth shut.

  3. I don’t get the popularity of Bubby’s. Very average food – why do people wait on line to eat there?

  4. Bubby’s food is below average even in normal times.