Nosy Neighbor: Where are the Black-owned businesses of Tribeca?

The first reader to ask was K. back in May: “I am prioritizing choosing local businesses and patronizing them directly instead of with ordering apps, etc. I’m wondering if you would consider compiling and posting a list of Black-owned businesses in lower Manhattan. In this time of unrest and unease, I would like to show them support.”

C. wrote not long afterwards in early June: “Do you know of a resource to find which businesses in our city or neighborhood are owned by people of color? I would love to know and make a concerted effort to support those businesses.”

By then I had already checked with the Downtown Alliance (nothing) and the list of MWBEs with the state (stands for Minority and Women Owned Enterprise) but that is really only for commercial services — not anything the consumer can use. I also sent a couple emails to the website Black Owned Brooklyn, hoping they had a list for this side of the river, but never heard back. (C. and I did discuss that if you are looking for minority owned, you need go no further than Chinatown.)

Then I heard from Kendall Khanna who, along with her husband, Desmond Brooks, owns Shopboy on Walker. “Desmond and I are going to make more of an effort going forward to support Black-owned businesses when possible, and hopefully, if residents are more aware of which businesses are Black-owned in the neighborhood, they will do the same.”

So here we are. Kendall and Desmond did not have any tips either, so we turn to you, readers, to see if we can make a list. It can certainly extend beyond Tribeca to Fidi and the Seaport, so comment below with any and all suggestions and I will keep a running tally.



  1. The Brooklyn Chop House at 150 Nassau, corner of Spruce is Black Owned. It has an amazing Outdoor Dining Set up and open for Pickup and Delivery.

    • That’s FiDi/Seaport.

      I think the sneaker store on Chambers Street is black-owned (if it’s still there.)

      • “Cool but that’s not Tribeca” if you bothered to read, you would see that Pam said it could expand to Fidi and the Seaport. Support of black owned businesses shouldn’t need to stop at the neighborhood border.

  2. There’s a phone app called Black Wallet, but so far they don’t have any Black Owned retail / dining / etc in Tribeca on the map in their app, but might be good to keep an eye on the app or contact the people that run it.