Da Claudio thwarted again by city bureaucracy

The city was smart to be flexible when it became clear that the pandemic would destroy entire industries here, even once the worst of it subsided. They suspended the open container law, fast-tracked permitting for sidewalk cafes and eliminated parking in favor of outdoor seating for restaurants.

But that flexibility seemed to end there, and now there is a bureaucratic nightmare going on at Da Claudio, and it is almost hard to believe how ridiculous it has gotten.

Not only was Da Claudio closed down by the city for trying to operate its rightful curbside seating on Ann Street, losing three weeks of business, but after it was given the greenlight to open on the actual street on Ann this weekend, they learned they could have it ONLY for weekend nights. So here’s a restaurant that was just asking for its tiny sliver of parking spaces on an otherwise dead street now being forced to operate Friday through Sunday only in a neighborhood that clears out on sunny weekends.

I am mystified why this is so challenging to figure out, especially when the livelihood of the owners and 32 employees are at stake and when the block itself is dead dead dead. Clearly other restaurants in town have been given leeways — extending past their property lines for instance. And that’s ok. Flexibility in these times is key.

Someone in the city has to engage on this. After all, this window will close very soon, and no one in government — state or city — has yet to say when another will open.



  1. Maybe Da Claudio can also try reaching out to Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou. I think she is a FiDi resident. Doesn’t hurt to try.


  2. Absolutely gorgeous Latina bodybuilder far right. <3

    Da Claudio is getting the classic runaround.

    I say open Monday night bleep the city.

    If the city punishes them the issue could be magnified for local politicians.

    "Why can we be open on weekends buy not Mondays?"