Seen & Heard: The return of the Oculus

I don’t have a lot of details, but with the state’s reopening of malls comes the return of the Oculus, with the new hours of 11a to 7p Monday through Saturday, and noon to 6p on Sunday. At the very least the Apple store will be open starting at 9a for the pickup of online orders and Genius support by appointment. (Thanks to J. for that tip.) Check the Apple website since the hours seem to be different every day of the week. (FYI, that’s a picture from March 17.)

Caught the park staff launching rocket balloons for some small visitors. I can say from experience, once you start this activity you are locked in until the kids are dragged off.


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I spent two evenings drawing @tinysnyc on West Broadway. I saw outdoor diners. Families pushing strollers. Servers in white shirts and black pants. A man sitting in the sill of his fifth floor window, smoking. Guys on delivery bikes on their phones, waiting for orders to be prepared. Shadows moving up the buildings as the sun went down. A guy rode by on a skateboard as I was snapping pictures. “Is that the painting from yesterday?” I told him I was back for round two, this time with pen and ink. I had packed up and was about to leave when a kid, probably eight years old, came up to me. ‘Excuse me, were you drawing earlier?” I pulled my sketchbook out to show him. “Beautiful drawing!” His brother, maybe 5 or 6 chimed in. “Yeah, so pretty!” As they walked away with their parents the older brother yelled, “Keep the good work up!” The kids are alright. #DrawNYC #tribeca #westbroadway #tribecanyc #duanest #urbansketchers #usk #globalsketchers #sketchwalker #archilovers #illustrationnow #instasketch #tinysnyc

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If you follow @gavindedraw, you know that he took a quarantine break from sketching the city for a view of the fields and vistas of Lawrence, Kansas. But he’s back now, and with a few neighborhood faves.

S. wrote with this photo of a ring she found on Greenwich Street last week, in front of the former Valley Tribeca store. Email me at if you want to get in touch with her.


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  1. New sign in WTC shopping concourse: I [heart] NYC Gifts. There goes the neighborhood.