Nosy Neighbor: Who’s open for breakfast?

H. wrote: “Do we know anything that’s open for breakfast in Tribeca?”

It’s not the easiest thing to find in the city these days, but here’s my list — counting on comments to fill it out more. Also, note that this is a shifting landscape — many places are still not open seven days a week, and many have not updated their websites, so be flexible!

  • Benvenuto (24 hours!)
  • Gee Whiz (as of 9a)
  • Le Pain Quotidien (as of 8a)
  • Two Hands (as of 9a)
  • Gotan (as of 8a)
  • Bubby’s (as of 8a)

And for the record there are the coffeeshops:

  • Duane Park Patisserie (8a)
  • Grandaisy (7a)
  • Kaffe Landskap (7a at both north and south)
  • Jack’s (7a Monday to Friday; 8a on weekends)
  • Laughing Man (7a)
  • Starbucks (7a mostly, but check their site)

And for the later crowd:

  • Square Diner (as of 10a)
  • Tribeca’s Kitchen (as of 10a on weekends; 11a on weekdays)
  • Locanda Verde (11a, but only Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

What else do we got?



  1. Any word on the future of Sarabeth’s? I heard that they were reopening the one on Amsterdam.

  2. Duane Park Patisserie is open every day at 8am for our handmade breakfast menu including savory croissants + delicious Brooklyn Roasting coffee, to enjoy on our little outdoor garden.