Several car windshields smashed in Battery Park City

At least seven cars along North End Avenue had their windshields smashed in the early hours this morning, as photos from two readers who were out early show here. They were discovered there around 7a by neighbors. One reader said it looked like someone had dropped a bowling ball on each window in turn.

The NYPD said they only had one complaint report for criminal mischief filed today. They had no suspect description and said an investigation is ongoing. There were police cars there this morning when readers went by.

It seems hard to believe that someone could do this much damage on a street lined with doormen, but there it is. Ugh.



  1. I noticed the same thing in the Seaport a few days ago how ever all the cars had City Hall license plates.

  2. It’s infuriating what De Blasio is allowing the city to become. We pay (a lot of) taxes, we’ve been working hard an contributing to the revitalization of our loved downtown, and it is all deteriorating really fast.

    I worry about a tipping point, where it will be difficult to recover from.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. The next mayoral election will be critical. I hope we can have someone enter the race that has a bloomberg type approach.

      Vandalism, crime and homelessness are increasing problems in our neighborhood. This is a special place that is at real risk

  3. Surely the vandalism was captured on some video cameras?