Seen & Heard: Lines out the door…

Century 21 had a line out the door yesterday for what they are calling the Sale of the Century. Not even funny. Hours are 11a to 7p Monday through Saturday and 11a to 6p on Sundays. The sale in stores is 30 percent off the lowest ticketed price. (Thanks to N. for snap.)

Golfers have been lining up for the chance to play on the Pier 25 course, though my sources (thanks, C.) tell me while it looks like a long line, it only took about 20 minutes to get to the first tee.

J. sent word that K&M Camera on Broadway and Canal is moving permanently to Brooklyn, and not the first store to abandon Manhattan rents for the “outer” boroughs.

The site at 86 Warren — under construction by Firmdale Hotels since February — has been halted for now. The giant diggers that had been working over the past months, even during the quarantine, were hauled off yesterday and it seems the site will be quiet for the next several months. Here’s hoping we are not left with another unfinished pit (see 65 W. Broadway and 456 Greenwich).



  1. EGG Tribeca (children’s clothing store) on Franklin is closing as well. They had a sample sale last week.

  2. Pile drivers were hauled off at 86 Warren (thankfully), but constuction continues – today, at least. Thinking they’re ready to move onwards and upwards with above-ground-structure now.

    • No, they are taking a break in construction for at least several months. They are nowhere near done on the foundation — in fact they never even finished the pit.

  3. The backhoe has been busy all week, starting prompty at 7 AM. Perhaps they’re just cleaning up and securing the site.

  4. NYC is over
    No century21, no restaurants riots and Antifa and BLN Marxists in control, no trash pick ups, high taxes, corporations and rich fleeing
    Like a little bit of Cuba (after the commie takeover) on the Hudson

    • NYC is not over. I recall all the content from 9-11, from Sandy, and from as far back as the 70s. I never get why people say that. Talent always aggregates. You can’t just replicate the Met, Broadway nor the talent that follows in many industries in other places. Other cities dont have the infrastructure.

      I hope you were being tongue and cheek. Where are the riots? I walk many streets of NYC. Havent seen riots…..

    • NYC is never over…we have always bounced back. We will again…stronger and different from before. Maybe outdoor dining becomes more of a way of life. Less office towers and more affordable housing…change is jot always bad.. You clearly would’ve said the same for the US with Roosevelt’s New Deal. We just need a new Mayor who can make a plan and a President who is awake to what’s happening across the nation.

    • You definitely are not a New Yorker. Why don’t you leave?

  5. No one belongs to Antifa. It is an imaginary organization made up by the President. But I’m thinking the majority of Americans would want to join an Anti-Fascist organization if it existed. BLM is a meme suggesting that Black Lives Matter. The meme exists because too many don’t think the lives of black people matter. 25 million people have been on the streets protesting on behalf of people of color who have been abused by the police. Estimates at the high end suggest that 10,000 people have looted or what can be noted as rioting.

  6. Do y’all really think Juanita exists? I’d bet my money that’s he/ she’s a Tribeca Citizen troll and takes on a different name with each post.

    Don’t engage, ignore.

    Just my 2cents worth.

  7. Better than even money Vale is correct! But one never knows.

    Antifa was never an “organization” but is a movement, albeit one seemingly with no formal structure.