The latest on Savida

A lot of folks have been asking about Savida, the seafood restaurant that opened in the former Blaue Gans space on Duane a year ago February. From all signs in the past weeks, it seems to have closed after a try serving outdoors on the sidewalk. There were pots piled up on the bar when I went by a week ago, and neighbors report trucks have recently come by to move stuff out.

But I always like to go to the source best I can, and this is the word, received via Instagram DM on Sept. 9: “Hello Pam. Thank you for your patience. We are temporarily closed due to Covid-19. We will soon be updating information across our social platforms and website. Have a wonderful day!”

Those window seats there were — and will always be — one of my favorite dining spots in the city…



  1. Hope they have a come back. Food and service were consistently Excellent ! They were a much needed and welcome addition to downtown’s food scene.

  2. The space is cleared out :( sadly seems like they didn’t make it although I haven’t seen an official communication