“It feels like being at Burning Man in your living room.”

It all started about a month into quarantine, while the city’s bars and restaurants were forced to stay dark. Raves — with dozens of maskless partygoers — that not only went late, but sometimes all night, till 8 or 9 in the morning, with DJs spinning on the roof and on the terrace of 46 Lispenard.

I recently heard from a group of six residents of neighboring buildings who have now banded together to see if they can put a stop to it. But after weeks of trying — they have logged 47 calls to 311 since May and now have a direct line to the 1st Precinct — they haven’t made much progress. They spotted the owner of one of the lofts carrying bags of wine for a party on Wednesday night that went on till 2:30a yesterday morning.

“It’s literally like there’s a nightclub going on, only without any soundproofing,” said one neighbor who has lived nearby since 2013. “I don’t care what they do as long as I can’t hear it, but having a DJ on the roofdeck till 9 a.m. is not ok. It feels like being at Burning Man in your living room.”

The 1st Precinct has been responsive, and officers came one night when residents on the block found flyers that advertised an event with table service (!) for Sept. 19. And they came this week, after multiple calls, to shut things down at 2:30. But that’s for only a couple of the dozens of parties that have gone on in the past months. “The cops have been pretty nice to show up, but there’s nothing they can really do to stop them from happening again,” said another neighbor, who said he and others continue to log calls with 311, NYS PAUSE, the governor’s office, and just about any state or city agency they can think of.

The units on 1, 4, 5 and the triplex penthouse are all owned by Lispenard 3J LLC, neighbors said, and they report that the man who owns them and his “staff” (there are sometimes bouncers at the door) are beyond dismissive. (Unit 2W is for sale. Don’t buy it!) When asked to curtail the events, the party hosts alternately laughed at neighbors, or told them to fuck off, or flipped them the bird. One night they even launched fireworks off the roof in what I would say is a pretty brazen display of disregard for just about everything.

“All this is going on while bars are not allowed to open and they are getting violations right and left,” said L. (I will note that residents of other neighborhoods have been arrested for a lot less, especially in the height of the quarantine.) “Meanwhile you have 50 people here on the street without masks. C’mon. It’s just plain not fair.”



  1. This is shocking. I feel for these neighbors that such blatant disrespect has been allowed for so long. I’m sorry but the police need to do more than being nice and showing up a few times. There needs to be arrests, fines and preventative measures.

    As mentioned local restaurants are being put through the ringer with seemingly endless officials always available to offer violations for various ever changing rules, yet this clear nuisance and health risk has been going on for months?

    Spare me the “if you don’t like parties, move to the burbs” bs, this is unacceptable anywhere.

    How is this not a bigger story?

  2. I am so sorry. This is from July, but unless things have changed the NYPD can fine each person $1000 for non mask compliance in public space. The party organizers can also be fined for promoting the gathering. I assume that means the owner is the spaces can be fined as well.

  3. This is a disgrace. Why are the police not completely shutting this down? Why is the landlord not doing anything about this? Most disturbing: Why do the people involved not care at all for the community?

    Meanwhile legitimate restaurant businesses are not even allowed to open. Street parties in other neighborhoods get shut down. This sort of inconsistency and hypocrisy makes no sense; it’s a mockery of any kind of coherent pandemic policy and enforcement. And it’s just plain uncivil and un-neighborly, even in non-pandemic circumstances.

  4. Person who is throwing all those parties is Jackie Jangana who owns multiple units in the building. Shame on you.

    • Jack Jangana is a real estate investor …

      • The building was bought and developed into condos by Jackson Jangana who appears to still own most of them. Seems pretty straightforward that is the person and company who should be reported.

        As the article states, the units on 1, 4, 5 and the triplex penthouse are all owned by Lispenard 3J LLC

        Lispenard 3J LLC is owned by Continental Equities Group Inc

        Continental Equities Group Inc Is owned by Jackson and Jenny Jangana

        One can see on StreetEasy that the unit on 4 was newly rented as recently as 9/9/20 and it appears they are all used as rentals.

        • I wonder who his lender is. Illegal, unlicensed parties must be breaking some covenant. If I were the lender, I’d want to know about this.

  5. (Although I wouldn’t exactly classify what I see in the photos as a “rave”. Looks more like an illicit outdoor bar/lounge…which can of course be just as loud and disruptive to neighbors).

    • lets not get caught up on semantics..
      loud music til 9 am is typically associated with a rave. ok so these people weren’t all decked out in “kandi” and glowsticks, who fucking cares what it is technically called when its going on at 4 am outside your buidling…

      im sure there was some crossover at early morning hours anyway regardless what they looked like, surely there was plenty of molly and crappy edm of some sort

  6. This illegal nightclub under the guise of a “private loft party” is operating because First Precinct either want to do as little as possible in the safest precinct in NYC or are being bribed by this partythrower to do nothing – I say both. Do not count on the useless, worthless First Precinct and NYPD period to stop this. They are on the take.

    Bottom line is Governor Cuomo needs to be made aware of this and once he is he will end it.

    Time for Margaret Chin, Bruan Kavanagh, and Deborah Gluck to get in his ear – I mean what the hell are these three doing to stop the spread?

  7. You don’t wanna think palms were greased, but if fire code/board of health violations weren’t at least issued …

    Anyway, if you want to stop large gatherings, it’s pretty easy: a law dictating that all attendees of a gathering of more than X people will be forced to quarantine at the gathering site, after the event is over, for the following two weeks.

    (PS Someone’s making bank on this, but by these photos, this is not even remotely a “rave”)

  8. I live across the street and have not be able to sleep on these party nights. Cops, fire trucks, party noise, etc. Street is also filthy. Not cool, esp during Covid. Cops have basically given up on our city, so has sanitation. It’s appalling.

    • I am also a neighbor right across from this building and few nights ago on a weeknight there was a party of college kids in the basement of that building and firemen came and all 100 of them had to all evacuate. They ended up hanging out on the streets at 1.30am, making noise and I was unable to sleep. Jack is obviously renting out residential properties for commercial use. Is that legal? Lispenard st is a residential street. Not a clubbing street nor a Frat house. Mr popular ought to take his parties elsewhere. He is living in the wrong neighborhood.

  9. It does not seem like there are more then 50 people, all on a outdoor space. Not really a rave, just a outdoor bbq. Which is legal.

    • BS they are advertising to the public so illegal.

      Also wayyy more than 50 people. On the street too.

      But keep shilling for them guy.

  10. This screams violations and so many health / safety risks its staggering. The disrespect is astounding. The entitlement is disgusting. I feel for anyone living in close vicinity.

  11. Similar thing going on at 1 Harrison – the apartment on Puffy’s rooftop. Although it seems the loud, pounding music has (for the moment) subsided – there are crowds of maskless people coming and going until 8AM – 9AM. The resulting garbage on the street is unsightly. 311 calls are useless.

  12. Rooftop parties w no masks or distancing also happening atop building w ward 3 down below. infuriating to watch from our windows. So disrespectful to the effort this city has made to check the virus.

  13. And yet ANOTHER night of f***ing fire trucks in front of the building. I swear to God, this is infuriating!!!!! We need to sleep, esp my young son who’s window faces 46 Lispenard. Also, what a waste of my tax dollars….two fire engines. I’m pissed.

  14. Requires a special outlook on life to take advantage of covid by hosting parties in your building. Piss off neighbors? Check. Waste community resources? Check. Increase risk of transmission? Check. What a zmal.

  15. It’s midnight on Thursday/Friday, and the party just started up again. I called the police, but they said that despite getting several calls tonight, they can’t prioritize this. I don’t claim to be nearly cool enough to know what constitutes a “rave”, but I can say that over the past few weeks there has been blaring techno music, fireworks, fist fights on the street, glass bottles and cigarette butts thrown from the balcony to the street, and vomit on the sidewalk. There have been people, maskless, and still drunk at 8am arguing with an Uber driver because they don’t have a mask on hand. The pictures completely understate what I have seen and heard. This is so disrespectful, and it’s ridiculous that the police can’t do more.

    • Can’t “prioritize” this? Cuz they’re fighting what crime in TriBeCa?

      They sure as he’ll haven’t done their job with the holdup and shooting a month apart on Franklin Street.

      First Precinct wants to do nothing or as little as possible. They love their cozy assignment.

      They love hanging out at the barricade they put up for what? at West Broadway and Lisperbard, love the new free parking lot they created there.

  16. I wonder if the folks going to the open houses today and tomorrow read TC….they should

  17. Another late, loud, obnoxious party outside/inside at apt.1E.
    Started after 12 a.m. First precinct didn’t even answer the phone.
    We know calling 311 is useless.
    What’s next? Cuomo’s office? An arrest is definitely in order.

  18. 2:00am on 10/9 and it’s happening again. I called the police at 1:30am and they said they’d be sure to address this within 8 hours since this is a non-emergency. The I got a text at 2:05am saying the complaint is “closed” even though I can still hear techno from my bedroom. What a joke!

    I understand from other neighbors that there are multiple sources for the party – The owner himself from the penthouse and then his renter in the units below who advertises “parties in TriBeCa spanning 3 floors” including bottle service and DJs.

    I’ve heard but haven’t confirmed that the renter is associated with the club Gospel and that the promotion company is 19 Sunsets. I understand this information has been shared with the police to investigate yet the parties go on…

    • 2:02am on 10/18/20 and but of course, it is happening again. I just found this article and thread–I have been trying to figure out the source of this disgusting display of carelessness and stupidity that has been a weekly hell for my ears and my sleep schedule until the early hours. Thank you for providing more insight, the NYPD are deplorable and useless so I will try to use these other channels. I hope we get some sleep soon!

  19. Stop complaining and get some ear plugs!!! This is New York, it’s always noisy… I got used to it and so should you. Parties and raves allow people to dance and relieve their stress.. It’s unfortunate that protests are allowed, but parties and nightclubs have to be shit down… this is the only way around it. Let it be!

    • I’ve actually grown up in nyc, to which it is obvious, you have not. My bedroom window was ground level on a busy street so loud and busy that anytime I left the city I’d struggle to sleep because it was way too quiet anywhere else.

      I live within two blocks of this horrible EDM hell that keeps anyone within a 5 block radius awake through the entire night on weekdays and weekend nights (even with noise cancelling headphones). People have kids, jobs, and as you seem to forget… WE’RE IN A GLOBAL PANDEMIC.

      So here is something to get used to.
      Relieve your stress with a dance party in your living room or go back to suburbia so you can spread your covid. Don’t tell me what my New Yorkers do or do not deserve, especially when it comes to their health and safety and their rights as citizens.

  20. Similar all-night parties — complete with DJs and light shows — have been taking place on the rooftop of 111 Reade St, above Ward 3. The rooftop is regularly packed with 50+ maskless partiers, with DJs blasting music all night long and projecting light shows on next-door building. Orange extension cords seen dangling down to 4th floor apt. below. Last night’s party didn’t stop until 9am. These are illegal superspreader events that are disturbing and endangering our community.

  21. Hello,
    I’m thinking of moving into the neighborhood. Are these parties still going on as we head closer to winter?