Our Bed Bath & Beyond lives another day

Bed Bath & Beyond plans to permanently close 200 of its 955 stores over next two years, and ours is not on the list of 63 that will close before the end of the year. But it’s clearly not over till it’s over.

The homegoods giant closed 21 stores this spring, and 14 stores late last year. CNN reported that of the 63 stores closing before 2021, six are in New York State and three in the city — including the one on East 61st Street. The closures were first reported by USA Today, but you can go to the source and read the company’s press release with more business details here.

In it, they outline how first quarter sales were down 50 percent, and while digital net sales grew 82 percent, there was still a first quarter net loss. Closing stores should save them between $250 and $350 million.